2009 Symposium

On October 29, 2009, LifeSource held its first Donate Life Symposium titled “Shaping the Future of Donation: working together to save lives.” Here you can view the event’s brochure and agenda, and a listing of the day’s plenary and breakout session topics.

Plenary Sessions

The Gift of Donation: Given with Love

The story of donation: relaying the tragic event, caring for the patient and the family, and highlighting the professional and social commitment.

The Gift of Donation: Received with Hope

The story of transplantation; eliminating deaths on the wait list, maximizing the gift, and receiving hope for a new life.

Breakout Sessions

Maximizing the Gifts in the ICU: Optimal care of patients with catastrophic brain injuries maximizes organ donation opportunities

You Need that Echo Now? Timing and rationale for diagnostic tests which support organ donation

And Meanwhile at the Transplant Center… Logistics of preparing the recipient for organ transplant

How DCD is Impacting Organ Donation and Transplantation: History and current practice of organ donation cardiac death

Conversations and Declarations that Matter: Care of the potential donor’s family leading up to the donation discussion

Patient Says Yes, Family Says No: Role and responsibility for honoring donor designation

From One Heart to Another with Beats in Between: The tissue donation process through the eyes of a donor mom and heart valve recipient

Whose Line is it Anyway? Promoting donation and transplantation in “good times” and crisis situations

Standing Tall! Tissue processing and benefits to the community: recipient shares life-changing event

The Future of Healthcare Reporting: Panel of reporters present new ways to work with the media to promote life-saving messages of donation