2011 Breakout Sessions

Morning Sessions

Extraordinary care: meeting individual needs at end-of-life

Honoring one patient’s decision to withdraw support and become a donor and another hospital’s strategy for creating an atmosphere of compassion and trust.

A flag of purpose: inspirational ways to honor donors

Successful hospital protocols for flying the Donate Life Flag and one family’s personal experience.

  • Leslie Becker, RN, BSN, Director Trauma and Critical Care, North Memorial Medical Center, A way to honor donors and raise community awareness
  • Scott Curfman, Master of Divinity, Board Certified Chaplain, Chaplain Manager, Essentia Health Fargo, Developing a Donate Life Flag policy

The art and science of organ donor management

Excellent ICU care and donor management goals in standard and complex organ donation scenarios.

Your phone call to a new life

Critical elements of the tissue donation process from referral call through the funeral; healthcare professionals play a vital role in fulfilling the gift.

Afternoon Sessions

Cultivating communities of donation

The healthcare professional’s responsibility for propelling communities into action through the use of media, the internet and local Chamber of Commerce.

Life-saving conversations: strategies for successful donation discussions

Compelling results from one physician’s practice, and the power of consistent messaging, huddles and timing.

The miracle of tissue transplantation

One surgeon’s experience in life-giving musculoskeletal tissue transplantation, case studies on transplant procedure and patient outcomes.

Speak up! DCD communications can’t be overdone

Careful preparation and communication enhances the donation after cardiac death (DCD) process for hospital staff, families and transplant recipients.