2013 Breakout Sessions

Pre-Symposium Workshop

Donation 101: Just the Facts
Are you new to donation or need a refresher? Do the terms DCD, CBIGs and DMGs leave your head spinning? This “learn the basics” workshop will set the stage for a sucessful symposium experience. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the donation process, the partnership between the donation agency and hospitals, and answers to frequently asked questions.
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Morning Breakout Sessions

SIMULATION LEARNING | The Organ Donation Experience
Part One: Referral through Authorization
Your patient meets the criteria for donation referral—what happens next? In the first part of our interactive simulation learning experience we’ll cover how to manage this unique experience, including what to expect clinically, the brain death declaration and how the hospital and care team work together to share the opportunity of donation with families.

Embracing DCD: Fulfilling More Donation Wishes
Donation after circulatory death (DCD) provides an opportunity for more patients to share the gifts of donation with people in need. Engage in an ethical discussion about DCD and learn from one hospital’s plan to include DCD as part of end-of-life decision-making.
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Ethnic Variations in Dying, Death and Grief
Healthcare professionals are faced with an increasingly diverse patient population. You’ll leave this session with practical information about American ethnic groups and cultural differences in experience dying, death and grief.
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Understanding and Working with Families in Hot Emotional States
LifeSource and hospitals work together to care for families at a time of great crisis. These families are in an emotional “hot state.” Understanding this state helps us to extend to families the best possible care and support.
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Inside the Human Heart
When donated organs are not able to be transplanted, many people choose to gift their loved one’s organs to help advance science. In this session, Dr. Iaizzo will present how his research has given the medical world a unique, never-before-seen view inside the beating heart.
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Matching Promises with Practice: Are you who you say you are?
All patients and customers experience “moments of truth”—the moment they realize that you are who you say you are. Learn more about how you can impact the patient and family experience and fulfill expectations at your facility.
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Special Gifts from the Youngest Donors
Learn how gifts of tissue recovered from pediatric donors provide hope and healing for their family and special transplantation opportunities for grateful recipients.
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Afternoon Breakout Sessions

SIMULATION LEARNING | The Organ Donation Experience
Part Two: Donor Management through Recovery
In the second half of our interactive simulation learning experience we’ll cover what happens following the donation discussion to successfully facilitate the gifts of organ donation from a donor who experienced brain death. You’ll share in the journey as we discuss optimal patient management strategies in the ICU through organ recovery surgery.

Don’t Rule Me Out
People of all ages, shapes and sizes with varied medical histories can save lives through donation. Learn about donation opportunities in an ever-changing population. We’ll talk about whether diseases are transmitted through transplantation and how the aging population impacts recipients.
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Facial Reconstruction: a Better Quality of Life
Our face is what makes us human—it is the most exposed part of our body. Hear how facial reconstruction and transplantation can result in significantly improved appearance and function for patients who have suffered devastating facial injury or deformity.

Her Liver is 21 Years Older than She is
Nearly 16,000 people are awaiting a life-saving liver transplant, including more than 500 people in our communities. Join us for a discussion about liver transplantation, examining outcomes for liver recipients of older donors and liver donation options from DCD, high risk and living donors.
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Meanwhile, Down at the Morgue
Death investigation is trending on television, but what are the current trends for those of us outside of Hollywood? A leading regional Medical Examiner will share current trends, perspectives on hospital communication and partnership and opportunities for donation when death investigation is involved.
Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office website

Turning Loss into Legacy
Donor families often share that donation is the one bright spot in an otherwise dark time for their family and that their loved one’s legacy brings them comfort in their grief. Local expert Mitch Carmody will talk about helping individuals and families who are navigating the uncharted territory of death, dying and the bereavement process.
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When Yes Means Yes: Honoring Donation Decisions
Most people who are registered as a donor choose to give the precious gift of donation at their local driver’s license office. Learn about partnerships with the MN and SD Department of Public Safety and the ND Department of Transportation to share the message of donation with their customers and how we honor that decision in partnership with our hospitals.
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