2015 Breakout Sessions

Pre-Symposium Workshop

Donation 101: Just the Facts
Are you new to donation or need a refresher? Do the terms DCD, CBIGs and DMGs leave your head spinning? This “learn the basics” workshop will set the stage for a sucessful symposium experience. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the donation process, the partnership between the donation agency and hospitals, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Morning Breakout Sessions

SIMULATION LEARNING | The Organ Donation Experience
Part One: Referral through Authorization
Back by popular demand, come and experience a simulated donation experience. Your patient meets the criteria for donation referral – what happens next?  What can you expect clinically?  How do the hospital care team and LifeSource communicate and collaborate throughout herniation, brain death declaration and family conversations?  Learn how to manage this unique experience in a dynamic interactive clinical simulation environment.

Caring for Families in Crisis
Every family experiences the death of a loved one differently. This session will share tips and techniques on how to effectively communicate with families in crisis.

CSI – Rochester
Death investigation while shown lightly on TV is serious business.  Dr. Reichard will share latest death trends and how your role in patient care can help preserve evidence and donation opportunities starting with your call to the Medical Examiner’s office.

Finding Your Leadership Voice
Great leaders have a voice that influences and inspires greatness in their organizations and in Finding your leadership voice requires some introspection and exploration of what matters most to you/your organization and how you can use this to inspire others. With a strong sense of your core values, you are in a more effective position to lead others to bring their best selves forward.

When you find your leadership voice, you become a more effective communicator. Effective communicators speak both from their minds and hearts. They understand the importance of speaking with the intention to build relationships and encourage what is possible. They choose words that affirm, appreciate, support, solve, and inspire.

Seeing Through a New Window: Advances in Corneal Transplant
Eye donation restores sight and renews life and is the most common type of tissue donation.  Learn how eye donors and advances in corneal transplantation help restore vision and lives as one researcher discussed research opportunities and one Ophthalmologist discusses PK, DMEK, DSAEK and KLAL corneas and sclera for transplant.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

SIMULATION LEARNING | The Organ Donation Experience
Part Two: Donor Management through Recovery
Complete your simulation experience as you follow the brain dead organ donor through optimal patient management strategies in the ICU to organ recovery.  This is part two of learning to manage this unique experience in a dynamic interactive simulation environment.

Case Studies
Hospital colleagues will present how their work intersects with LifeSource to make successful changes in the donation process. This “best practice” session will inspire you with ideas to make improvements at your facility.

Helping Others Through the Gift of Research
That new medication you were just prescribed, that new surgical procedure your hospital performs, they all happen through the generosity of individuals and families who authorize research for organs and tissues not transplantable. Come and here what the future has in store for us through the advances in research.

Race, Racism and Health Inequity: What can we do about it?
Do you know the difference between race, culture, and ethnicity? Gain more clarity on how the role of fear and mistrust of the healthcare system as well as our own unconscious biases and stereotyping affect our clinical decision-making. Leave with concrete tools for moving towards health equity and improving our self-efficacy in treating our patients of color.

Breast Reconstruction with Donated Tissue
Every day countless women around the world wake up with the fear of what life is or will be like without one or both breasts. Learn how the plastic surgeon’s ability to restore breast tissue and improve appearance and self-confidence is one of the most gratifying uses of the gift of donated tissue.