2017 Breakout Sessions

Pre-Symposium Workshop

Donation 201: The Fundamentals of the Process
Are you new to donation or need a refresher? Join us to learn the fundamentals of the donation process and making a referral.

Morning Breakout Sessions

Over My Shoulder – Healing and Health through Tissue Donation
Sparking fear, outrage and sadness, the Columbine shooting was the first school shooting to shock the nation. Hear from a survivor and how the miracle of tissue donation made recovery possible.

A Standard Approach to Brain Death Determination: Better Quality and Consistency
Brain death declaration is an important medical diagnosis for families, providing clarity for next steps in end-of-life decision making. This session will offer accurate and consistent brain death declaration and documentation resources.

SIMULATION LEARNING | Donation after Circulatory Death
Part One: Referral through Authorization
Experience a simulated donation event. This unique and dynamic interactive simulation will guide you through your role as you provide clinical care for a Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) donor and compassionately support their family.

Experiencing Culture and Donation: Partnerships that Save Lives
Each of us experiences the impact of culture in our personal and professional lives each day. Our speakers will share how culture impacts donation and interactions at hospitals and in our communities.

Face Transplant: Reconstructing the Donor
Learn about the tremendous planning and care provided to the donor family who offered the amazing gift of face transplant in 2016. LifeSource’s partner, Graphica Medica, will share their process of creating the beautiful prosthetic that served as a visible emblem of respect, advocacy and care.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Making Donation Happen through Adversity: Complex Case Studies
Join your colleagues to learn how a commitment to saving lives made all the difference in two unique donation experiences. This is a “best practice” session that is sure to create a personal spark of engagement in the mission of donation.

Death Trends and the Opioid Epidemic: A Medical Examiner’s Perspective
Immerse yourself in the world of a Medical Examiner and learn about current death trends and how the opioid epidemic is affecting our communities.

SIMULATION LEARNING | Donation after Circulatory Death
Part Two: Donor Management through Death Declaration
Complete your simulation experience by following the Donation after Circulatory Death (DCD) process through death declaration. Experience the interactive collaboration needed for success.

Reflective Practice: A Tool for Professional & Personal Growth
Reflective practice benefits healthcare providers in gaining self-knowledge and insight to enhance clinical knowledge and improve quality of care. Join us in this interactive session to learn about the theory of reflective practice and how to practically apply it individually or with a group.

Electronic Referrals: An Innovative Pediatric Partnership
Be inspired by one hospital’s experience developing an automated electronic referral process for their pediatric patients. Learn how you can be the spark that brings innovative ideas to your organization!